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want website go to (not sponsered).

want cooler website go to (not sponsered).

(PS its the same :P)
  • Microsoft (not sponsered)
  • Apple (Not Sponsered)
  • Want Offend?, Use Offensive Bot, Created by a friend.
  • Ebay(Not Sponsered)
  • Amazon(Not Sponsered)
  • Dell(Not Sponsered)
  • PlayStation(Not Sponsered)
  • Xbox(Not Sponsered)
  • Dr. Pepper(Not Sponsered)
  • RC Cola(Not Sponsered)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge(Not Sponsered)
  • Mozilla FireFox(Not Sponsered)
  • Java(Not Sponsered)
  • Yahoo!(Not Sponsered)
  • Yahoo Mail(Not Sponsered)

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